Waist training corsets have been worn for decades. But since they are worn almost daily, they require special care and attention in order to ensure they maintain their color, quality and shape. Here are 5 steps to help you take care of this important garment.

1. Break It In

Before wearing a waist trainer for a while, more than an hour, it is best to first break it in. Lace it up properly and put it on in the house for short sessions, about 20-30 minutes for around a week to ensure the corset is conformed to your body before wearing it for long sessions.

2. Hand wash

You should never put your corset in a dryer. This is because most corsets are made of metal or steel and machine washing will get it distorted and rusted. Instead spot clean it with cold water and lay it flat to dry. You can also line it up on a hanger to dry.

Use a damp cloth to spot clean and be careful with the fabric. When hand washing, avoid spraying fabric fresheners on satins, brocades or velvets but you can use it on corset lining to freshen them up.

If you choose to have your corset dry cleaned, choose a dry cleaner with experience in cleaning as they are dry cleaned by hand.

3. Use Corset Liners

As stated above, washing it frequently ruins it. If possible, consider wearing absorbent liners underneath to prevent sweat from reaching the corset. This in turn reduces the frequency of washing and helps to maintain the bright colors of the corset.

4. Loosen while wearing and removing it

Before wearing and when removing your corset, always loosen the straps fully to prevent damaging the stays, the boning of the corset.

After taking it off, drape it with the lining side up over the door or chair. This allow it to air out and perspiration to evaporate. If it begins to smell, use light mist fabric freshener and a damp cloth to spot clean it.

5. Store properly

After cleaning your corset, you should not fold it. First dry it outside in the sun with the lining inside out and ensure that it is completely dry before storing it. However, be careful not to leave it for long periods of time as it will damage and fade the fabric.

Now hang your sorest on a hanger and ensure tension is distributed evenly. If the room has moisture, store a desiccant with the corset to keep the metals for rusting.

Additional care tips:

You should not share your waist trainer with another person as it is specifically designed for your body shape and allowing another person to wear it will only distort the shape.

Also, never lace up the corset tighter than required. Straining the grommets will only make them to break and fall off.

Taking proper care of your corset not only makes it to last longer but also enhances its effectiveness.