Shapewear are built to help reshape body figure by hiding imperfections of the body. They usually redistribute size by squeezing in certain parts of the body while enhancing other parts to complement your overall look. It can help hide bulges, flatten the stomach, push your breast up or even reduce the size of your thighs enabling you to have a slimmer and shapelier figure. Body shapers are made with thick, stretchy material like nylon and spandex that enable them to control the shape of specific areas in your body. However it is very important to note that body shapers will not change the shape of your body but instead, it will enhance good features such as curves and control problem areas thus enhancing your overall look. There are many body shapers available in the market. As a result, many people are usually confused on which one to choose. In this article, we have made things easy for you by compiling 5 Types of Body Shapers for every body type.

1. Bust booster

Showing a little cleavage is fashionable at the moment. It not only makes you more attractive but it also makes you feel better about yourself. Bust booster will provide invisible support on low cut, backless and halter styles. It will not only create an amazing cleavage but will also protect your bra. A plunging neckline that bust booster is equipped with helps to protect your bra all the time. On the other hand, the reusable silicone wings that stick on the skin will hold your breast firmly enhancing your cleavage. It is one of the best Shapewear for ladies who want to enhance their cleavage look.

2. Waist cincher

High waist design and lace panels that waist cincher is equipped with will streamline your body shape making you look stylish. The firm stretch fabric helps to provide light control on the tummy while the side panel on the waist will help to create amazing figure. It is perfect for ladies who are searching for a solution that will smoothen and shape their body. It helps to minimize the mid-section thus giving you a seamless hourglass figure.

3. Hip reducer

Hip reducer are made from soft, lightweight and breathable materials that are very comfortable. They are effective when it comes to compressing your postpartum hip. It is suitable for those women who want to smoothen bumps on the butt and stomach. It is also suitable for pregnant women who want to get to get their hips back after delivery.

4. Thigh compressor

Thigh compressor are effective in enhancing the shape of your butt and thigh. They are made with elastic material that enables them to hold your butt and thighs firmly. They provide 360 degree control to help you achieve sleek shape that you have been looking for. It is also equipped with microfiber that gives you a barely there feel and a double layer front that flattens your stomach.

5. Smoothing cami

This Shapewear can be worn under the backline to help trim your sides and back as well as help hold your tummy. It is equipped with high tech fabric that helps to adjust your body temperature meaning that it will cool you off or warm you up depending on your body temperature. They help to complement chest and curves.