Apart from dieting, there are many choices out there for women when it comes to shaping your body. If you are not in your perfect shape and require a little bit of toning to look perfect in a bodycon dress or a Date night Outfit then you always have Body Shapers and Body Wraps to help you out. Both these techniques are effective in giving your body the perfect shape but let’s take a closer look to see the similarities and differences between the two methods.

What is a Body Shaper?

The Body Shaper also known as waist trainers were made popular by the Kardashian sisters. It is worn like a garment on the midsection of the body and it compresses the unnecessary fat around the midsection giving your body the perfect hourglass shape.
The body shaper tones the body and reduces your appetite which helps in toning your body and accelerates weight loss at the same time. The hour glass figure of Kim Kardashian is one of the beautiful results of using these body shapers.

What is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap is more like a thermal blanket which is wrapped around the waist. Body wraps can be commonly found in spa treatments since they help in toning the body. Body wraps can be worn for a certain duration which would be a couple of hours and is disposed of after usage. They are worn to promote toning and tightening of the waist section. There are different types of body wraps available in the spa and you can choose the one you prefer according to your requirements.

Differences Between Body Shapers and Body Wraps


The Body Shaper can be worn for hours together since it is like a garment and you can even go out wearing it underneath your t-shirt, however, in the case of a body wrap it is wrapped around the waist like a blanket and you may want to be a little careful if you plan on going out wearing it underneath your clothes.

Cost effective The body shaper is a one-time investment and it can start from anywhere around $30. The body wraps are disposed after using and their price would be around $15. The cost of the products would majorly depend on the manufacturing brand and if you opt for a spa body wrap then it would be expensive according to the type of body wrap spa you opt for.

ComfortBody shapers are much easier to wear and one can easily wear it under a dress or garment, unlike the body wraps which can get a little messy if not taken care of. Body shapers are doing much better among consumers since women find them much easier to use and they can wear it for longer periods of time.


There are rumors which suggest that using body shapers for too long is not good for health, however, there haven’t been any major health issue case caused by any Body shapers which imply that if used in moderation it would be perfectly fine. However, it is highly recommended that you do not go to sleep wearing a body shaper. Between the Body Shaper and a Body wrap, the Body Shaper is a better option since you can wear it underneath your clothes for hours together. The Body wrap, on the other hand, needs a lot of attention else it would just end up in a big mess.